German formwork technology

We use German Formwork Technology for Cast-In-Situ. Cast-In-Situ or In-Situ Concrete, refers to 'in position' or 'on site' construction wherein the concrete is poured into the 'in position' Formwork at the building site and then cured. The formwork or shutters are pre-set with reinforced iron rods, conduits and templates to define space for doors and windows before pumping in the concrete. Therefore, our structures are entirely built of reinforced concrete shear walls.

Every wall as strong & enduring as a pillar

30% faster
with Smooth
self compacting
concrete walls
that come with

Uniform Transfer of load

Unlike the conventional column and beam structures where the load is transferred from the slab to beams to pillars, in our structures the load is transferred directly and uniformly from the slab to the concrete walls.

No columns,
no beams,
no protrusions...
Means more space

Since our structures are built to uniformly transfer load from slabs to the reinforced concrete walls, there are absolutely no protrusions like columns or beams, which typically interfere with the plans for home interiors. Ergo, more living space inside the house.

Enjoy 3% more carpet area




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